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How important is Google’s pagerank to your Business ?

How important is Google’s pagerank to your Business ?

At first, what Google page ranking is ? Google provides a page rank to web sites based on the site’s importance. This ranking ranges from 0 to 10 with 0 being the least important and 10 being very important.

Google seems to have some particular formulas (unknown for everybody) to determine the Google pagerank score of each individual web site but the assumption is that the higher your PR score, the higher you will rank in the search engines. This assumption is not necessarily true and now with the introduction of social media it seems that more comes into play that merely your web sites page rank.

In the past it was thought that great content would increase your Google pagerank but again social media is playing a huge role now in how Google ranks your page. According to most online authorities, as your social media presence increases, so will the visits to your web site. These visits translate into links that help to improve your ranking. So, we know that your activity in social media plays a big part in your web site’s ranking, what else will help?

Here is a short list that will help:

  • Social Media engagement as mentioned above will help to increase or boost your google pagerank.
  • Good web site content will attract more visits, however not just good content it must be unique content. What does this mean? Unique content is content that is written by you and that provides information that your target audience will find interesting.
  • Clean code will also help improve your google pagerank. Not many understand what is meant by this so let me explain. When you include unique content on your web site, you must also add key words, and meta tags that will help your content to be found on the search engines. These tags and your url structure will help impact the traffic to your web site which is ultimately your goal.
  • SEO is still very important. SEO translates to search engine optimization and it is something that doesn’t happen overnight. The most important aspect of SEO is patience on your page. Building quality links instead of quantity will help to increase your google pagerank. Remember quality is always better than quantity and don’t forget to be patient!
  • Long tail is also necessary to the ranking of your web site. If your goal is to get millions of visitors to your site, you can’t merely focus on the ranking of a few keywords. In fact you have to rank for thousands if not millions of key words. This is possible by building links within the internal pages of your website. Once you implement this tip, you will begin to notice that your overall web site will get a higher authority and rank better across the board.

So, in essence Google pageranking is still very important to your online presence. However you will notice that engaging in social media will help to increase your ranking much more than the business that is not engaged in social media.

Continue to be engaged in social media, provide quality content and be patient, your hard work and efforts will be rewarded in the long run with high google page ranking which translates to more visibility and of course increased business.

So, is google pagerank still important? The answer is a resounding – YES !